4D Lipo- Fat Reduction- Non Invasive Body Contouring | Case Study by Curve Appeal

Written by Aleah Hammer

June 10, 2024

Client Goal: Lose some weight and inches before her daughter’s wedding. 

Procedure: 4D Lipo – Fat Reduction & Noninvasive Body Contouring 

Focus Area: Tummy 

Number of Sessions/Treatments: 6 Sessions 7 to 9 days apart over 6 weeks. 

Many clients come in asking for different areas to be done, however, the most common (and my favorite) treatment is the tummy (or abdomen).  It is my favorite treatment because 1. It is very responsive to my specialized treatment and 2. People’s reactions are the best!

The mother of the bride wanted her tummy smaller prior to her daughter’s wedding. Her weight was stable, and she wasn’t planning on changing any of her habits (to gain or lose, both important to know). Throughout the treatment, she lost several inches and had her skin slightly tightened with the use of radio frequency (RF) which is part of 4D Lipo exclusively at Curve Appeal.  

She could have gone on and removed the last little bit of fat. However, she was happy with her results as you can see in her pictures. 

Body contouring can help with loose skin to some degree. I would love for this client to come back and do RF microneedling for skin tightening. RF microneedling is the “holy grail” of non-invasive skin tightening. It will not be like a tummy tuck but for those who don’t want to have surgery, this is an excellent option for little to no pain and no downtime. 

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