Body Contouring with 4D Lipo | Case Study with Curve Appeal

Written by Aleah Hammer

January 5, 2024

Client Goal: Fat Reduction

Procedure: 4D Lipo

Focus Area: Abdomen

Number of Sessions/Treatments: 12 total (6 sessions x2 with 1 month break in between)

Aftercare: Clients are always encouraged to drink water, take a walk, no alcohol, and wear compressions. 

This client was looking to lose belly fat. She bought her first package of 6 sessions which were done weekly.  She then took a month off due to her schedule.  She came back for another 6 sessions done weekly. 

She had been at the same weight for some time. Not gaining but not losing any weight.  She is a busy woman with a moderately active lifestyle. She maintained her normal lifestyle through the treatment plan.  She was good with compression after sessions and drinking water. This client does not drink alcohol. 

In the before and after photos you can easily see the fat loss in her abdomen.  Although we focused on her abdomen she had HUGE results in the “love handle” area.  She was thrilled to be able to wear clothes in her closet after not being able to wear them for years! 

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